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Terms and Conditions

We own the thermal cooler bags, ice packs and silicone containers (should you choose that option). You will have right to use the cooler bags and ice packs. Cooler bags and ice packs are re-usable and thus you must leave the items at the delivery location so that our drivers/couriers can collect them from you. After your meal program has ended and if you decide not to continue, we will make arrangements with you at a convenient time to collect them. If your cooler bags and ice packs are not returned or arrangements made within a reasonable time we will consider the items as lost or stolen. In the event that our thermal bags & ice packs are returned damaged or are considered lost or stolen, you recognize that we reserve the right to charge you $40.00 per thermal bag.

By choosing the silicone packaging option you are helping keep plastics and other materials out of landfills and other environments (to date we have helped keep tons of plastics out of the system). However, there is significant cost that we incur to do this and therefore we ask that if you choose this option that you return them rinsed (virtually all our members return them after running them through the dishwasher). We additionally re-wash & sanitize at our end as well. We reserve the right to discontinue the silicone option to anyone who cannot adhere to this policy and returns containers with food still in them.  

Without having to state a reason, we have the right to exclude individuals from our program.

Note: our foods may have traces of nuts. For mild allergies we are happy to work with you on customizations; unfortunately we can not guarantee allergen free foods for those with life-threatening allergies due to our production methods.

You must give us at least 48 hours advanced notice to reschedule your meals.

Cutoffs for ordering is as follows: 
Tuesday Delivery: Noon on Sunday
Friday Delivery: Noon on Wednesday

Once you place an order we will be able to schedule your first meal delivery within 72-96 hours depending on your location.