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About Us


At Fresh 2 You we know that nutrition plays an important role in leading a healthy lifestyle. That is why we focus on crafting nutrient-rich meals using the highest-quality organic ingredients. Our ready to eat meals are delicious, healthy and sure to satisfy your cravings and dietary needs.


Our chefs and in-house nutritionist work side-by-side in order to create a wholesome rotating menu that uses high-quality, organic and in-season ingredients for every meal.

Gluten-free • Non-GMO • Nutrient-dense


All of our meals arrive ready to eat. We give all of our clients the option to pick between receiving their meals packed in either recyclable plastic boxes or eco-friendly silicone containers. Simply follow the instructions on the label and enjoy. For more information visit our How it Works page.


Paige Stevenson | Holistic Nutritionist

Paige has been passionate about nutrition for over 10 years. As our in-house Registered Holistic Nutritionist she plays a key role in the development of Fresh 2 You’s deliciously nourishing menus.
Learn more about Paige.